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The Cooking Club is an invite-only online cooking club that offers you a space to get creative cooking, meet and connect with other home cooks, and make cooking a legit hobby.

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A Virtual Community For The Curious, Cultured, Leisurely Home Cook!

Take a deep breath, pull your shoulders down, and picture this:

It’s Friday and you just came home from a stressful week at work.

You pour yourself a glass of wine, grab your phone, and see a notification that a co-cooking is about to start. You change into sweatpants and slip into an old shirt. You pull out the ingredients, pull up the recipe on your phone, and open your laptop on the kitchen island. You open Zoom and join the co-cooking. As familiar faces start to pop in you feel your lips start to curl and immediately the world melts away.

It’s Sunday and you just came back from the grocery store.

You put on some music and your hips go from left to right. You put the food on the counter and start measuring the ingredients for the recipe of today’s co-cooking. Before clicking the Zoom icon you take a deep breath and grin from ear to ear. This is what you’ve been looking forward to this whole week. Joining the Sunday co-cookings has now become a habit. A sense of calmness starts to flow through your body as you whisk your ingredients and chat with your friends. “This is life”, you say.

An online cooking club will encourage you to do what you love and with people who share your passion for cooking. Nothing is more fun than cooking together with creative foodies around the world. And, as an added bonus, you’ll discover delicious recipes to make for your family.

Meet your people!

We´ve been waiting for you inside:

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An invite-only online cooking club for home cooks to get creative in the kitchen, meet and connect with other foodies, and discover new flavors. Turn your love for cooking into an actual hobby and experience the fun of cooking together, apart.

The Cooking Club by Live Love Yummy is the first of its kind to maintain the community feeling on an in-person cooking club while combining it with the flexibility of modern technology.

What awaits you inside the virtual cooking club?


Frequent Co-Cooking Events

A virtual gathering with fellow home cooks where you get to hop on a Zoom call and in small breakout rooms cook, chat, laugh, and have a blast. There are also opportunities for you to host your own events.


A Welcoming Community

Inside The Cooking Club, you’ll find a group of welcoming and inclusive foodies to geek on kitchen gadgets and share your love for Netflix Food-Docu’s. Get inspired by their food culture, how they feed their family, and learn new techniques while you’re at it. 


Monthly Challenges

Each month features a delicious recipe to test during a co-cooking event and challenges to try. Recipes that will spark creativity, tickle your taste buds, and challenge your cooking skills.


Masterclasses & Resources

Learn new flavors, dishes, and techniques. Get familiar with new cuisines from around the world. Sharpen your cooking techniques and learn from passionate cooks on different subjects.

The Cooking Club Logo
Portrait of The Cooking Club Founder

Omaily Lucas

Food Blogger, host of The Cooking Club, and burger obsessesed

Just like you I’m someone who enjoys eating and cooking. My passion for food stems from my cultural background. I was born in Venezuela, grew up on the Caribbean island of Curaçao, and moved to The Netherlands for my college years. I grew up discovering an array of flavors and my palate, to this day, is still evolving.

I bake, cook, grill…basically do all the things. I’m obsessed with my Instant Pot but I’m still trying to eat and cook more fish. I love a good sushi, though.

The Cooking Club was founded so foodies like you and I have a space for these conversations. To be able to talk about Instant Pots and whether they’re better than Air Fryers. A space to draw inspiration and motivation from.

I want The Cooking Club to encourage you to create more intentional moments doing what you love, cooking. Make it your hobby. Make the co-cookings your moment of peace. Your moment of fun. You moment of joy! 


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I want to cancel?

First, I will cry and eat ice cream (homemade of course). No, kidding (sorta?)! In all seriousness, you can click here for a detailed explanation of our cancelation policy.

In what time zone are the co-cookings?

The events are scheduled on Eastern Standard Time, but we try our hardest to make it accessible for people in different time zones. Since this is a peer-to-peer community we’ll always ask our community what best suits their needs.

Do I need to be a great chef to join?

The only requirement of this community is to love food and cooking. While we’ll assume that you can boil an egg, we don’t expect you to be a Masterchef.

Are there special tools required?

Yes and no. Some recipes will require a tool like an Instant Pot or pasta maker, but if you can get creative then kudos to you. Do share your master idea with us though.

Is the community hosted in a private Facebook group?

No, the community is hosted on Mighty Network, and the calls are done through Zoom. Both are very user-friendly and have mobile apps.

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See you on the inside!

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