Spanish Cheese Board Recipe (Spanish Charcuterie Board)

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A platter with cheese, cured meat, bread, crackers, and olives.

Olé Olé! Gather your friends, wear a flowy dress or skirt, play this song, make this Spanish Cheese Board, and make it a Spanish night to remember. You know I have a big obsession with cheese boards/platter and now I’m combining it with my love for Spanish food.

Spanish Cheeses Ideas

Spain is not a country known for its cheeses, like Italy, but it’s more well-known for its cured meats. A few types of cheeses you can choose from:

  • Manchego
  • Cabrales
  • Torta del Casar
  • Mahón
  • Tetilla
  • Idiazábal

I was only able to find manchego on the island, so I decided to pair it with two soft cheese, like brie. If you read my other blogs about cheese board then you know that I always recommend having a mix of soft and hard cheeses. I always prefer having more soft cheese than hard as they are often more like.

So, if you’re not able to get your hands on other types of Spanish cheeses, aside from Manchego, then choose something Mediterranean.

What Makes a Spanish Cheese Board

What makes a Spanish cheese board, Spanish? Well, you have the cheese of course but what I truly believe makes a Spanish cheese board, Spanish, is the Spanish cured meat. Husband and I are suckers for cured meats, but especially Spanish types.

So, for me, Spanish cured meats can simply not be left out from the cheese board simply cannot be missed out.

A close up of a Spanish cheese board.

How to Pair a Spanish Cheese Board

A Spanish cheese board is great with a glass of wine. You can choose a glass of red wine or white wine. Something light and slightly sweet (not too much) or you can go for the traditional Sangria. A perfect pairing for this Spanish cheese board.

If you’re more old school then you can even have some vermouth or cocktail that have vermouth in it. Perhaps a Spanish Gin & Tonic with Mediterranean fruits and herbs infusions?

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Spanish Cheese Board Recipe (Spanish Charcuterie Board)
Prep Time
0 mins
Cook Time
0 mins
Assembling Time
5 mins
Total Time
5 mins

A delicious Spanish cheese board (Spanish charcuterie board) with, manchego cheese and cured meats, for your next home happy hour.

Course: Appetizer, Platter
Cuisine: Spanish
Keyword: cheese board, cheese platter, platter
Servings: 4 people
  • 1 hard cheese Manchego
  • 2 soft cheeses Spanish or Brie-type
  • 250 gr chorizo sliced
  • 100 gr Jamón Ibérico sliced
  • 100 gr Jamón serrano
  • ½ baguette sliced
  • crackers
  • 1 cup olives
  1. On your cheese platter, place the cheeses and cured meats first. Spead the break and crackers on the board then fill the spaces with olives.

  2. Serve with love!

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