Simple Blue & Gold Dinner Party Tablescape

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Are you having a double-date? Dinner with your in-laws? Girlfriends coming over? You can just put the plates and cutlery on the table and call it a day, but I know the overachiever in you really want to impress your guests. My simple blue and gold dinner party tablescape is the perfect dinner table styling for an informal and cozy gathering. 

A sideshot of a dinner party tablescape.

This blog is literally my journey into the world of entertaining at home. It all started during my college years in the Netherlands. I was living there for about 3 years, I met some new people, but I haven’t felt a real deep connection with the people I knew. We were mostly going from bar to bar, event to event, and picnic to picnic (yeah, picnics are a huge deal in the Netherlands). There was no real connection or relationship being built.

Inviting people over to my dorm room, in the beginning, and then my apartment was my way to take the first step into creating a more meaningful relationship. I started inviting friends over for dinner and I could instantly feel the difference. We weren’t in a loud bar anymore having chit-chat over nothing. We were having conversations on deep personal subjects and I was starting to really get to know my friends. I was creating real friends.

A hostess preparing the flowers.

I’ve never been a shy person but, as an introvert, the whole partying and going out every weekend was drowning me. I wanted to be able to stay at home, skip a party, without having serious FOMO or thinking that I might lose my relationship.

I started with simple dinners or take-out food. Then I started serving popular dishes with my own special twist. Now, I bring my A-game everytime I’m hosting. Okay, most of the time when I’m entertaining at home.

So, I decided to create a tablescape for those informal dinners. This Simple Blue & Gold Dinner Party Tablescape is perfect for when you have a small group joining you for dinner and you want to make the moment less ordinary but not too much. When you want people really feel and see that you’ve made an effort, but not too much that it feels uptight and uncomfortable.

The Tablescape Styling

So first is the tablecloth. It’s a beautiful beige texturized cloth that my mom made for me. This is my utmost favorite tablecloth. I just love the texture too much!

I had this wicker placemat and I never know how to use it. When I started thinking about this tablescape, this placemat came right into my head. It just fits perfect with the color palette and the rustic touch.

A close-up shot of a tablescape with two design plates and placemat.

The centerpiece is created by recycling 6oz coffee milk bottles. If you can’t coffee milk bottles, you can try any other small bottle. As long as it’s small and narrow then you’re good to go. In the bottles, I added some green branches for a more rustic feel and clustered the bottles but not squeezing them all together.

The plates were designed by myself. I love the mismatch tableware style and I’m obsessed with royal blue plates. Since I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I took matters into my own hand and painted my own plates. It’s my little hobby that helps me be creative in other ways. On top of these plates, I placed my everyday breakfast plates for the appetizer.

As flatware, I used white utensils with a small decoration at its border to complements the blue and gold theme. I added a nice wine glass and a short water that has a subtle design. I feel like the glasses really add just a tiny touch of modern elegance to the tablescape. Perfect for a dinner party tablescape!

A shot of of a tablescape with two design plates and placemat.

I hope I inspired you to go and style your own dinner party tablescape. Don’t forget to let me know how it went. You can find me here, on Instagram, or Facebook.

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