Breads, Sandwiches & Tarts

Find here creative and delicious bread, sandwich, and tart recipes for any meal of the day. From the classics like burgers to sandwich equivalents from international cuisines like Venezuela arepas.

We don’t do boring which is why each recipe has something different and one-of-a-kind. Inspired by cuisines around the world and different ingredients we try to create unique recipes. Recipes that will inspire you to be creative. So really take the time to test and experiment with the recipes. That’s also why the identifier ‘bread, sandwich, and tart recipes’ should be taken loosely.

That’s also why—like all our recipes—we offer plenty of flavor suggestions and tips on how to make our recipes yours.

Guava Empanadas Recipe with Bacon

Guava Empanadas Recipe with Bacon

The perfect combination of sweet and salty wrapped in a soft corn dough with a crispy crust. This Guava Empanadas recipe with Bacon is a creative...

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