Easy Entertaining: Advice for Entertaining at Home

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After all my hosting rendezvous I believe I learned a thing or two after all the nervous breakdowns. Now, in for order you not to experience the same, I’ll share some advice for entertaining at home.

Easy Entertaining Advice
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When I first started this blog it was just a place to collect my recipes, then it slowly shaped into a blog about entertaining at home. As a rookie host, I hope to inspire other young hosts out there to embrace the art of slow living and making their house a place others feel like home.

Be Prepare

I’m a big advocate of surprising your guest with new and exciting dishes, but just don’t try this at the last time. Know your dishes from front to back and buy your groceries beforehand when entertaining at home. The first time I baked—what is now—my favorite 2 tiered chocolate cake I baked it around noon on the day of the party. Needless to say, 3 hours before the party when I wanted to cut the cake and add the frosting, the cake was still too warm for the frosting and everything melted into a mud soup. I was left crying on the floor and I then swore to never experiment on the day of an event.

Be Present

One thing that can make people feel really uncomfortable is when the host spend all his/her time in the kitchen. Whether it’s preparing the food or cleaning up it will always drive people to help you whether they want to or not. Plus, you invited people so they spend time with you and not to see you cook or clean.

Chill Out

I remember when I decided to make a Spanish theme meal for my in-laws. It was the first time we invited them to our new apartment and Fabian and I kept throwing each other the stinky eyes because the Spanish tortilla turning out well. We almost started a fight right there, but I’m glad we kept it sane. Sometime later we had the same experience, but this time at a friend’s house. The bickering between those two made the whole encounter uncomfortable. That’s a big no-no when entertaining at home.

Be Geared

You should always have food in your house, always! We don’t have a lot of people who visit us unannounced, but I think that the more you get settled the more often this will happen. My mother-in-law used to always have some kind of chips or snack at home, just in case someone popped in unannounced. Since we try to avoid having unhealthy thing laying around in our pantry, you won’t find any chips in the corner of a shelf. But, we do always have a drink at home. Beer, wine or liquor are always available at our home. It’s our way to make someone’s short visit still feel special.

Be You

At last, one thing that will make your hosting skills unique is the fact that you are unique. At our home, the combinations of cultures and our epicurean lifestyle make us memorable with our guests. That our way of entertaining at home. People know that when they visit us they always get an exotic or uncommon food or drink and that we are always laid back. Anything goes!

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