How to Organize a Dinner Party for Different Diets

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It wasn’t until I started being picky about my own diet that I realized how difficult it was to go to dinner parties.

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As you know I was recently diagnosed with PCOS which means that my diet should be gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, organic, and I pretty much have to eat ice. I haven’t had much success in changing my ways. I’m pretty much eating a burger while writing this post. Tomorrow is a new day, right? Oh wait, let’s push that to next week. I’m eating tacos this weekend.

Okay, let’s get back to the issue at hand instead of my failed attempts to change my lifestyle. Organizing a dinner party for different diets helps people like me feel more at ease. But nowadays with so many people having all type of diets, it’s so hard to make everyone happy.

Ask Don’t Assume

It’s important to understand what people can actually eat and what not. Is your guest a vegetarian or flexitarian? Are they hardcore keto or do they use certain principals of the keto diet? Don’t make an assumption of what someone can or cannot eat, because making the wrong assumption can be a matter of actual life and death. It can also ease the process since some might not be as strict on their diet as you would assume.

Start with the Most Difficult Dietary Restriction

The easiest way to build your menu for the night is to start with the most difficult diet. If you’re going to organize a dinner party for different diets, then choose the most delicious dish from the most difficult diet and build on that.

Swap ingredients that don’t fit with other’s dietary restriction for compliant ingredients. Like if someone has dairy allergies you can swap the cream in a sauce for nut milk or coconut yogurt.

An overhead shot of a healthy vegan appetizer board with nuts, bread and kale pesto on the side.

Vegan Appetizer Platter

Have a Few Options Available

I love family style dinners because people get to build their own dish while chatting and laughing with each other. A family style dinner is perfect for when you’re organizing a dinner party for different diets. Have plenty of veggie side dishes. You can never go wrong with veggies. You can add meat and a meat-replacement as well, like tofu. That way you have something for everyone.

When entertaining at home, making other’s feel at home is valuable and important. Serving dishes that they can eat makes them feel welcome and cared for. Ready to organize your next dinner party? Don’t forget to download the dinner party checklist to keep you organized and calm.

Image with a preview of the dinner party checklist for download.

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