Life is a Feast: Food, Entertaining & Happy Life


“Being a great host means making every second memorable and sharing food, laughs and memories. No skill needed…just love!”


This is my story…

Welcome to Live Love Yummy! Thank you for stopping by! I’m your host, Omaily. I was born in ’92 in a little village on the coast of Venezuela, moved to the hidden Caribbean gem of Curaçao, and then made my way to the Netherland for my college years.  Somewhere in my early 20’s, during my self-discovery journey and right after I met my boyfriend, I realized that I loved cooking for others. I went from frozen pizza to worldly dishes and from cheap beers at stuffy bars to Friday night drinking one-above-bottom-shelf-wine with friends. There is nothing that warms my heart more than bringing people together in a casual vibe through dinner parties, backyard BBQ’s or just having drinks at sunset. Hopefully, I will inspire you to do the same.

Life is a feast! 

Living in a European city and growing up on a Caribbean island made me realized how we often take life for granted. In a world where everything needs to be quick and easy, we sometimes forget about what quality of life means. Slowing down and taking time to create moments, savor them, and being grateful about the little things in life. We need to take time to cook our own delight and enjoy it with our loved ones. To celebrate each minute we have and to be kind to our surroundings. That’s is why together with my boyfriend we decided to start building our life in Curaçao, so we can work to get that quality of life we desire.

On my blog, I hope to inspire others to do the same. I share delicious recipes for entertaining at home. Recipes for meant to be served on any kind of occasion because every moment counts.  I believe in the power that food has to bring people together and make them stay together. But, for me, quality of life and entertaining, means more than just cooking. It’s treating my guests with kindness and hospitality. Cooking with my own homegrown produce. Being kind to the environment by reducing my impact on the earth. It’s creating a bundle of values to give meaning to life.

So pull a chair and join our table!

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