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About Us: The Story of You, Me & Food

What once started as a simple food blog to test my recipes and share it with the world turned into a place where you get to discover recipes from around the world, brought to you passionate home cooks like you.


Live Love Yummy seeks to bring together a diverse range of food creators and home cooks to share and immerse themselves in a new way of cooking. Together we’ll create a movement that strives to bring soulful recipes, cooking traditions, and foreign flavors to home cooks in a respectable and approachable way. 

Over here you’ll find the stories behind the dishes. These stories highlight the culture, origin, meaning of the ingredients and recipes. It’s when we’re curious enough to venture outside our cuisines and learn from others that we get to eat delicious and exciting food. For that, we need the actual people who are part of the culture of these cuisines. Who considers each dish, each ingredient, part of themselves to educate and inspire us.

Unique Eats Right From Your Kitchen

We inspire home cooks to get curious and explore international cuisines and the role the food plays in our own lives, families, and culture.

Cooking Makes the World a Better Place

We believe food can help create a kinder, more tolerant world. We envision a world where:

  • Food brings people from different cultures closer together and helps us understand each other better.
  • Diverse cuisines and cultures are represented in a respectable and approachable way.

Everyone is Welcome in the Kitchen

You can always sit with us! Live Love Yummy is an inclusive and diverse digital media platform that facilitates conversation around food, cooking, and culture.

Founder of Live Love Yummy. A Black girl with curly hair in a bue dress behind a computer.

Who Am I?

Well, just like you I’m someone who enjoys eating and enjoys cooking. My passion for food stems from my cultural background. Born in Venezuela, grew up on the Caribbean island of Curaçao, and moved to The Netherlands for my college years. I grew up discovering an array of flavors and my palate, to this day, is still evolving.

In The Netherlands, I found my other half and my passion for traveling. Together we roamed the cities tasting one dish after another. Now we’re on Curaçao, building our home, and finding our way in the kitchen. He likes experimenting and recreating dishes he tried at restaurants. I like…well pretty much everything.

I bake, cook, and grill. I’m still trying to eat and cook more fish though. Although I love a good sushi. Together we’re hoping to create our first edible garden and learn more about the source of our food.

The Culture Over Here

Everyone sits at our table

We not only respect everyone, but we celebrate everyone. We’re empathic, inclusive, and supportive.


We're not afraid to go deep

This community isn’t only to talk food. Food brings up emotions and self-care is about feeling. We’re here for it.

Niks moet, alles mag

The Dutch way of saying, do whatever rows your boat. There are no ‘musts’ in the community only ‘cans’.

We Treat Recipes with Respect

Every recipe has a story or cultural background. Be creative but with respect to the source.

Leave it better behind

We do our part to contribute to a better planet. However small, big, or imperfect we make an effort to be sustainable.

Together, always!

We’re all here for each other. To connect with each other, be creative with each other, and relax with each other. I got your back and you got mine.

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