6 Essentials for Entertaining at Home

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A good hostess needs to be prepared and with these essentials for entertaining at home, you’ll be the queen of modern entertaining.

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Flat-lay dinnerware essentials for entertaining at home.

When I started having people over for dinner I wasn’t even thinking about the fact that I was “entertaining at home”, I thought I was just having dinner with friends in the apartment that I was sharing with 6 more roommates. After I moved in with Fabian, I started becoming more conscious about what I was serving and especially how I was serving it. Not to forget the mood I was setting in my home. I was slowly building my collection of essentials for entertaining at home.

Matching Flatware

One of the important essentials for entertaining at home is having matching flatware. Nowadays, you can use mismatched dinnerware, but doing the same with your flatware will look sloppy and unprofessional. We might be young and modern hostesses, but we still want to entertain at home the like a pro. There are many different flatwares to choose from to match different setting and themes. Start with a matching basic silverware and then add a matching gold or rose-gold flatware or any other show-stopping design. The silverware is good for any occasion, but if you want to be fancier then a touch of color would be perfect.

My product picks:

Kayden 20pc Stainless Steel Silverware Set, Target, $29.99

Better Homes & Garden Alder Rose Gold 20pc, Walmart, $24.88

Arden Speckled 20pc, Walmart, $37.86

Stylish Drinking Glasses

Drinking glasses are an item often overlooked. Many people tend to just choose a basic glass set, but a stylish drinking glass can really improve your tablescape look. It adds an element of personality. Why settle for boring glasses when there are so many trendy designs to suit our young hearts better? I’ve noticed that building my glass collection is one of the most difficult things, because finding beautiful inexpensive glasses are not easy. But, if you look hard enough you’ll find beautiful glasses to add to your collection of essentials for entertaining at home. I like glasses with carving in it. I also have one with a golden rim that always makes my table very chic.

My product picks:

Artland® Coppertino Highball Glasses Copper 4pc-15oz, Target, $32.99

Marquis by Waterford Crosby 4pc-10oz, Amazon, $28.99

Bormioli Rocco Cassiopea Cooler 4pc-16oz, Target, $19.99

Serving bowl and tray

When I started hosting people we would place our pans and plates on the table, but when I bought my first bowl I realized what a difference it was. Transferring your food to a bowl or tray makes your food stand out more, look more tasting, and it gives your table a cohesive look. A nice bowl or tray is not just something to take for a Christmas dinner. It’s part of the essentials for entertaining at home and to be used on every occasion. Before moving I had this huge blue bowl that had a bohemian/Mediterranean look to it. It was an eye-catcher every time I put it on the table.

My product picks:

Barnet Bronze Serving Bowl – 8″ – Threshold™, Target, $14,99

Kingsland 9.8in Serving Bowl Blue – Threshold, Target, $34.99

Rectangle Stoneware Serving Tray Set of 2, Target, 19.99

Serving utensils

So you have you a nice bowl and tray. You have your nice flatware. But, what will people use to serve themselves? They can’t use their own utensils, so you need some nice utensils to use for serving the food. Something practical and pretty at the same time. In your kit of essentials for entertaining at home, you need some nice serving utensils.

My product picks:

Acacia Salad Servers – Threshold™, Target, $9.99

Stainless Steel Carving Set Black – Threshold™, Target, $14.99

AmazonBasics 5-Piece Stainless Steel Serving Set with Square Edge, Amazon, $16.99

Bacon Cheese Dip Appetizer


An essential on every dining table are napkins, whether cloth or disposable. I find cloth napkins the nicer option for special occasions, while (printed) paper napkins are more practical and blend easier with a theme.

My product picks:

Ginger Ray Gold Foiled And Kraft Paper Napkins, Target, $6.49

Solino Home Linen Dinner Napkins, Amazon, $29.99

100% Linen Cotton Dinner Napkins, Amazon, $10.99

Cheese Board

Everyone knows I love cheese and everyone knows how much I love a good cheese board. I have 4 different boards that I use to create a cheese platter because a girl needs options. Cheese boards are not only a great appetizer, but also a great way to show your newly acquired hosting skills.

My product picks:

Slate Cheese Board Set, Amazon, $29.99

Large Ambrosia Maple Wood, Amazon, $43.50

Thirstystone Marble and Wood Serving Board, Target, $27.99

A cheese board for entertaining at Home

Fresh Flowers

I love having fresh flowers in my home when I have people over. I find to really be one of those essentials for entertaining at home. The smell of the flowers, the color coordination, the beauty of every petal . . . it sets the mood! It shows that you took time to put choose the details of the evening (or day) to suit the moment best. Lately, I’ve been obsessing over using different kinds of leafy greens for a more natural feel. But, I also like choosing flowers that match my color palette of the occasion or the season we’re in. I buy my flowers from a local supermarket because flower shops here are very expensive. Where ever you buy one just make sure their fresh, beautiful, and that they will live for a few days and not die after just two days.

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