Entertaining at Home: From One Rookie Host to Another


“Being a great host means cooking up your own delight. It’s about making every second memorable and sharing food, laughs and memories. No skill needed…just love!”


This is my story…

Welcome at Live Love Yummy! Thank you for stopping by! I’m your host, Omaily.  Somewhere in my early 20’s, during my self-discovery journey, I realized that I loved cooking for others. I guess I inherited more than I though from my mom.  She moved to a new country when I was little and always had that little spark of wanderlust in her. This same spark made me start traveling the world, learning about new cultures, their food and the welcoming hospitality of some cultures.

This is what inspired me to do the same thing in my life. Bring people together in a casual vibe through dinner parties, backyard BBQ’s or just having drinks at sunset. Hopefully, I will inspire you to do the same.

A feast: that is the goal

In a world where everything needs to be quick and easy, we sometimes forget about the delight of cooking and enjoying food with the people we love. On this blog, I share delicious recipes meant to be served at different occasions. Recipes that are meant to put people at ease and make them happy. Recipes inspired by my kitchen and my travels journey. I believe in the power that food has to bring people together and make them stay together. A delicious dish and gatherings around the dining table make fun and memorable moments.

So pull a chair and join our table!

  • Omaily, I like your site and also your food philiosophy! However, I wanted to comment on your tres leches cake, but the comments are turned off 🙁

    • Omaily

      Hi Jenny, thank you for stopping by. I fixed the setting that closed the comment section. Now you can comment your heart out! 🙂